Introduction to Small Cap Crypto

Hello, fellow crypto enthusiasts! A little bit about me. I was introduced to cryptocurrencies all the way back in early 2016 (a long time ago in cryptocurrency terms). I originally bought a largely unknown coin at the time called Ethereum. I paid 7$ a coin but sold it during the original ‘hard-fork’ that created what is now Ethereum & Ethereum Classic. It turned out to be a major mistake as Ethereum eventually climbed to as high as 1200$. What a dummy! I have learned a lot since then, bought and sold dozens of different altcoins and I continue to learn more about this industry every day. I hope that this website can provide a little bit of help to you in understanding and investing in blockchain projects. This site will exclusively focus on small and micro-cap coins as that is where I prefer to invest. I am personally invested 100% in small caps. I keep no bitcoin or ethereum as I am more interested in 10x-20x potential returns.

Since the great crash of January 2018, we have seen Bitcoin drop from a high of nearly 20,000$ per coin to around 6000$. Smaller alts have been harder hit, some have lost 95% off of their all time highs. This, in my opinion, is a great chance to invest at incredibly low levels. Should the crypto market recover, and I certainly believe it will, there is potential to see returns of 10x to 20x or even more on smaller coins.

This blog will feature in-depth reviews of coins I believe have major growth potential. This is NOT investment advice, it is only an educational resource. You should always do your own research and invest on your own terms, not on other peoples advice.